Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge/length/pictures/map/lane/skyscraper city Mumbai

Now India is proud on it’s engineering capacity and can standup with powerful country like U.S., Australia, Germany, France etc. Indian financial capital hope full is open and Join the Bandra and western Mumbai with Worli.this pool is 5.6 kilometers (3 miles) long and totally flying on sea with of 8 lane.2 lanes are only reserve for buses.  this project of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) and “Hindustan Construction Company” made it wonder.  total cost behind this project is 1600 crore  rupees (340.43 million US $).this Bridge is 100% cable-stayed bridge with pre-stressed concrete viaduct approaches.

Mumbai has the one of the heavy traffic in the world and BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) has not good arrangement for divert traffic from Bandra to worli. till date only only one Mahim Causeway is the only way but that is not enough for Mumbaikar traffic. but now people can reach Bandra 2 Worli for only 3-4 minute at 90-100 Kmps speed limit. this bridge writes History in the Indian book.

Bandra Worli Sea Link photos with MapBandra Worli Sea link BWSL photo1

MapBandra Worli Sea link BWSL project moel

bwsl sealink map 

Opening and Construction video(YouTube)

Bandra-Worli sea link Bridge Features

  • automated toll collection system.
  • Modern toll plaza of 8 lanes
  • instrumentation,information and guidance, emergency support
  •  500 meter,Single tower supported long cable-stayed bridge at Bandra Channel and twin tower will support 350 m cable-stayed bridge near Worli Channel for the each carriageway.
  • Total 8 lanes and 2 lanes are dedicated to Buses.
  • 20 close circuit(CCTV) camera will secure it.

By this project Mumbai can save upto 100 crore rupees($21.28 million U.S.) Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC)

BWSL Opening

on the 30th June, Indian national congress leader Sri Soniya R. Gandhi open Bandra Worlie sea link for public use. before that, previous night beautiful Laser show had been arrange for the Reputation of BWSL. 


Manner less decision of Maharashtra congress government 

As we already know that sea link is open late about 5 long years, but that doesn’t shame matter for India as India begins to start growing. real shame matter of India is latest announcement of Maharashtra Government that this Sea Link will be known as Indian former Prime Minister “Rajiv Gandhi Bandra Worlie Sea Link” .

There is like pattern in Indian that if any big construction is been made Congress is in Government in respected Region then name must be from Rajiv Gandhi or Indira  Gandhi. what is this ???? . there are many legend are from Maharashtra, from their name Maharashtra and Mumbai known as world wide. name should not be from any political leaders.


Cricket living legend Sachin Tendulkar: “Sachin Tendulkar Bandra Worli Sea Link

Lata Mangeshkar : “Lata Mangeshkar Bandra Worli Sea Link

more over Veer Savarkar, Shivaji are the many legends from the Maharashtra, India.

Give your comment below so that we can give honor of our diamond.


  1. There should not be any political personality's name,a good sounding fancy name hindi or marathi.

  2. With regards to above mentioned comment.Naming the bridge after non-political figure. Suggested names such as Tendulkar/Lata Mangeskar will further make this issue religious. Why dont we name this kind of monumental structure after love peace romance etc.. i mean names which is neither political niether relates to anyone names which will further make this religious issue..My suggestions MUMBAI BRIDGE/ MARVEL SEALINK ETC ETC

  3. Ya hassan you are absolutely right in your manner. but we should give respect to our real hero that spread our country name world wide

  4. I want to know the security arrangements of this much publicisized sea-link bridge.

    I denfinitely want to forget 26/11 but only after confidence that Government has learnt and done enough to prevent more 26/11.

    Each and every un-checked car or local fishing boat is now source of terror.

    Havent seen any white clad clown talking about security of it right from Sonia, Chidu , Panu or Pawar.
    When will they learn to value the lives which vote for them in hope and optimissim

  5. Call it " bollywood bridge "

  6. It should be called as a FREEDOM BRIDGE dedicated to all those who sacrificed their lives in 26/11.


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