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Someone said right that the person who never struggle in his life will never succeed. we should learn every time from our life’s small and small thing. bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is one of the man who came from very middle class family and he also faced struggle in his life.

Blog Update

Amitabh recently updated his blog in bigADDA and share some childhood moment from his life. he said he very much remember those days when he had not money for buy cold-drink and even for go to the friends birthday party. his parents income was very limited and he had to lived in that position. one day there was orchestra show in Delhi’s science center but again money is problem.
he wanted to join Cricket club in his school but mother Teji Bachchan denied him for only 2 rupees. in friend’s birthday party, his other friend come in car while he was on cycle. friends room had AC(Air conditioner) while he had not even single in his whole home.

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After that Mr. Bachchan start struggling and work in film in bollywood at Mayanagari Mumbai, however starting days were very difficult when his film rejected by people. but after release of film Zanjeer film, he became star and wanted to give every thing what his parents want. but his parents don’t want money and luxuries thing but his time from his busiest day.
Amitabh Performannce in Zanjeer

Harivansh Rai and Teji Bachchan are in Memory of Big B.

Amitaji says today he has every thing in his life but he never forgot his child hood days and always remember his parents, he miss them so much.
in childhood day Amitabh had no money for cold drink but now a days cold drink are sold by his name. that is possible only because legend people never forgot their struggle,,,
this blog dedicated whom who struggling/struggled in his life
You can share your struggling life below like BigB Amitabh Bachchan in the comment so that other people can get inspiration from your life.

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