Union is necessary against terrorism :Barack Obama

U.S. President Barak Obama for the countries of the world on Saturday, they share the global challenge of terrorism to treat who are united by the Mumbai Manhatton innocent people is ongoing.
Climate change, nuclear proliferation and problems such as depression without precedent to meet the need for coordinated action to emphasize that although he believes it is important to accept that no country alone to solve these global problems can not.barack obama on terror
Obama to visit Sptahbr after his return from his first weekly radio address, the Internet and in other countries, but said that working with these challenges, the United States to withdraw its leadership.
He said that the economic crisis or whether it is terrorism, from Manhattan to Mumbai, from innocent to global challenges such as climate change and to some extent, are not blind.
The American president said that the challenges they are facing all countries, whether the power can not fight alone. But he said that to solve the problems of how best to respond to other countries to action.
Obama has recently concluded G-20 Summit in London, referring to the leaders of the G-20 countries to ensure that the meeting of major economies of the world as well as concrete ways to counter the global financial crisis.
Obama said that we must accelerate the pace of development, to restore the flow of credit, free markets and its system of financial regulation, improving the Lone measures of this type of crisis in order to get out again. These measures, in which our country to create jobs.
He said that the only one - with another that we can be like Al-Qaeda for the safety of the 21st century will be able to beat.
He said he was pleased that the United States NATO allies in Afghanistan Strosberg - Pakistan supported the strategy and efforts are made to the United States of important resources.
Obama said that cooperation with countries in the world with us the world's most dangerous weapons will be able to stop the spread.
He said that in Prague, I created a strategy for each of us so that we do with Russia and other countries can stop the spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear material falling into terrorist hands, and finally the world can stop a nuclear nightmare can not get it.
Obama pointed out that the history of the world at this critical moment in the old country or the same concerns in the areas of promotion to prevent the former can not discuss these differences.
Instead, he said the same interests as we find, because it only happens when people are close to each other and find common ground and then disbelief Mitn think where is the beginning of progress.
The American president said that does not make a mistake. We live in a dangerous world and we must face these challenges need to be strong and alert, but vital to our success on how to resolve differences with other countries should not come.


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