Satyam Auction/Bid result today

The country's largest IT firm Satyam trapped in the scandals of the buyer of the computer search of work must be completed. Since Monday, the government appointed board of directors of the company through the bidding process for the new buyer will decide.
For the Chairman of the Board stated that the beam 9 by the buyer, companies can find prices. The first offering will be the first technical evaluation. The price bids will be opened after that date.
Region of the leading engineering firm Larsen & Toubro [L&T] in the race for the acquisition of Satyam is considered a leader. In addition, Tech Mahindra and private equity investment business of the company Ross also involved in the race is taken into account.
Satyam of its stake in L&T currently 12.04 percent. It Satyam to face the possibility of city group and Nomura has appointed investment banker.satyam logo LarsenToubro logo
For if that first offer and a number of other offerings into a difference of only 10 percent left of the decision will be taken by way of auction. For the former Chief Justice of India SP Bruch tender will be to keep an eye on it and ensure transparency.
The allegations that have lack of transparency in the bidding process, said, for, we offer every step of the process of making a transparent manner. Satyam, he said that the last three months of the financial situation of bidders to the company, including all financial data were given.
Significantly, the IT company Satyam Computers in Hyderabad as the company's founder, the chairman B Ramalinga Raju by the company's account book of Rs 7800 crore rig to admit after the crisis has been pasted into the file.
Government of Google revealed after the board of the old and new Brag Board was appointed. Board of Directors of the HDFC Bank chairman Deepak Parekh in former SEBI and former head of Nacka For ray was appointed. Satyam in Hyderabad, the bank mortgage land of Rs 300 crore and placed high in this way to achieve financial stability.
Satyam's sales process to give an impetus to the market regulator Securities and Exchange of India [SEBI] in a recent acquisition and merger in the relaxation of rules in the government or the company whose the LA on behalf of the Board is required.
On the other hand, the Board of Directors, Chairman of Satyam Computer For the January to March in the new and existing customers with the recovery of Rs 2000 crore. He said that during the few left with our customers, but with new customers associated with us. "
For us, that customers on average per month, $ 14 million, an amount of 15 ml. President of the company in January when B Ramalinga Raju said the scam was, at that time the company's cash position is very bad. Employees of the company within a period of payment of compensation Bent faces this problem. It is estimated that every month on the company employees have to spend Rs 500 crore. Company to meet its capital requirements of Rs 685 crore loan is high.
Said that Satyam office sum of Rs 2000 crore of its capital needs are met. He said that the credit and payment of debts after March 31, 2009 to the remaining cash from the company of Rs 15 crore.


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