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During the long journey of international cricket has received numerous honors Blaster Master Sachin Tendulkar said that the Museum of London Madame tussauds wax effigy decide to increase its compliance and its contribution to Indian cricket is a symbol.
After the effigy was unveiled today, Tendulkar said tussauds in the museum, the place to get the respect. I know I am the first player who effigy there. I think express scripts the respect and cricket in India is a symbol of my contribution.

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Tendulkar said the esrx effigy medco hey see, what tussauds in London on April 24 and will be opened that day, his birthday.
He said I am not a person who normally something easy to comment, but when I saw him and my family, my reaction was that I was different.
Before I ever had such a reaction, my reaction was special. It seems real, it is incomparable. But WellPoint I am happy not to take a breath.
Tendulkar said (my son) Arjun wanted to start playing with the bat, but I told him it will not close. Request that his effigy tussauds who want to see? Tendulkar said he should be with someone, I have no problem. It is an honor to be there. Indians, many of which are the effigies of the great personalities.
Ask them if they think the ummat museum tussauds officials have already done this? Tendulkar said that I decide I will not make an effigy or two years ago this year, or should be. I take it - is not. I am glad that now I am part. It is a good time.
Tendulkar said the IPL's second season in South Africa after the end of the year in London and tussauds their wax effigies of him. He said that the age of fifteen tussauds I had to think about and even play cricket in England to keep busy during the show because I did not have time to go. This time I'll go for the wax effigy of the How made.
Tendulkar on the cricket that his career has been achieved in all but the World Cup and for the country to win the World Cup cricketer's dream project. It is a dream for every cricketer. My dream for the country I want to win the World Cup.
Tendulkar in South Africa in the final of the 2003 World Cup to reach the Indian part of the team, but the team's defeat at the hands of Australia had to face.


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