Narendra Modi says I m not in waiting Prime minister

BJP leaders in Kddavar Atalji, but it has now for the post of Prime Minister Lal Krishna Advani said that his successor. Narendra Modi, Advani said while his successor is doing. Since then, other politicians have stopped talking.
Indeed, given the type of Gujarat Narendra Modi, then were sent, they work the same way and to prove its supremacy three times prime minister of Gujarat.Narendra Modi :I m not next Prime minister
Even Modi, Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, has also praised. Modi's stature in the BJP is a big favorite and is the leader of the Union. Four states in the near future, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh poll will be. Modi will attend those more air and affect the BJP will take the victory.
After all, the stars of Modi said, here - Modi LGN Scorpio born in the moon, which LGN Bagyesh and low amount of the Scorpio moon is low in the LGN be in breach of the east on Tuesday. Thus, the moon will give good results. Recently the West Bengal Nano in Gujarat and Ruksat Modi Jptkr proposed to create, not only to support the promise of the Tata Puarnrupen done. The way they are aware of his condition. The planets are in their favor.
Tuesday Bagyesh Lgnesh LGN in the union of the moon and a punch to the Mahapurus Rajyog to the sum of the other leaders, Modi's position is strong leadership and capacity building - have climbed. Tuesday energy, courage and ambition of the factors that you are full. It also provides the full power Tuesday. Modi is a director, the commander, the minister in May, but the Prime Minister is too far for them. It is also good for Dsm price should be.
Modi's magazine in the Dsm Singh Saturday that the star is in your reply Badrpd and the amount to his master of high-Virgo Mercury in the amount of with you. Thus, the prime minister you are not currently possible.
If yes, then you become Prime Minister, Minister Advani, can be. As Minister of the Interior, you do not become the Prime Minister of Gujarat, the most success will be. For some reason, you had to come to the shelter can become a minister.
Dsm Saturn in the fourth sense in terms SPTM frequent. Expression was considered as the fourth and the birth of your birth in the State of Gujarat. Star of the birth of the planet Saturn is also the owner Anuradha Uttara Badrpd Saturn is there and is the cradle of Gujarat will continue to increase beauty. But Prime Minister candidate in this election can not say. Someone in the next election as Prime Minister, but may emerge after Advani will be the sum.


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