A journey of Congress

Congress, the history of the freedom struggle of India's history is related to the. It was established in the year 1885, the credit goes to Alan Oktavien Hume. Led by the party in Bombay was the first meeting.
However, before becoming head Vyomeshchandra Banerjee. Congress in the early years of the British government of India and Smsyayon tried to remove it. He also participated in provincial legislatures.
... But in 1905 after the partition of Bengal and part of the firm position against the British movement Ha. Meanwhile, the caliphate and the Mahatma Gandhi returned to India the movement started.congress
Differences in Congress on this subject Ghraa. Chittaranjan Das, Annie Besent, leaders like Motilal Nehru, the party established a Swaraj.
Year of the historic conference of 1929 in Lahore, Jawaharlal Nehru was the slogan of Swaraj. After the First World War, the role of Mahatma Gandhi grew up in the party. Even if they were never officially the president, but it is said that Subhash Chandra Bose of the Congress in their primary role was to expel.
After independence the Congress in the history of independent India has emerged as a political force. The assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, after the death of Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru of charismatic leadership, the party in the first parliamentary elections and has succeeded in this impressive series of 1967 continues.
As Prime Minister Nehru to secularism, socialism and the Non-Aligned Movement, the foreign economic policy of government is the main base, which is the identification of the Congress Party.
Nehru, led in 1952, 1957 and 1962, the Lok Sabha elections on its own majority in Congress have managed to achieve.
In 1964, a year after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri was in the hands of, in Tashkent in 1966, but also died under suspicious circumstances.
After that, the party leaders in the frontline of the vigorous debate about who was assigned to the presidency. After all, Morarji Desai, the daughter of Nehru, Indira Gandhi and the gap for the sake of consensus.
The first challenge of independent India in the supremacy of the Congress met in 1967 when the opposition challenged the common legislator was united under the banner of the Congress and many states, the defeat of Hindi.
Indira Gandhi in the capacity of the part of the questioning. And the split within the party. Congress, led by Kamaraj in a pot of Congress (O) was organized in the form of.
Later, the Congress (O) was merged with the Janata Party. Election Commission, led by Indira Congress dde recognized the real party.
At the same time, Indira "Remove Poverty" slogan in the elections and won 71, but his government of corruption and ways of working together against the opposition was.
After Indira: Meanwhile, Indira Gandhi's victory in the Lok Sabha elections, the court appointed the disabled, after which the movement began in the country in 1975 and Indira Gandhi declared emergency.
Elections in 1977 when the Janata Party defeated the evil hands of the Congress faced. However, in two years, the government fell in 1980, and Indira Gandhi returned to power again.
The assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984, the year after the anti-Sikh riots in the country. After his murder by her son Rajiv Gandhi took the reins of the party and the party in the 84 elections were a huge success.
Kiskta basis: in the 1989 elections, when the Janata Dal and the Congress defeated BJP coalition said. Although these two years, the government able to walk.
In 1991, Rajiv Gandhi during the election campaign of bombings were killed in command of the party and in the hands of PV Narasimha Rao was.
In this election, the Congress had 232 seats. Cease after the Congress this fall of the base. Congress in 1984, won 404 seats in elections, which left 114 in 1999.
However, in the 2004 elections, 145 seats have been found, but its impact has been the country. Party support the UPA allies of the UPA is in place, and Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister.
Congress in 2004 to more than the tradition of the Sonia Gandhi became the Prime Minister had agreed to do about, but the name of the external view of the protests continue, he rejected the proposal.


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