IPL 2009 is the Dress Rehearsal of England T20 world cup 2009

Indian drummer Yuvraj Singh said that in South Africa in England Indian Premier League to be held in June Twenty 20 World Championship will be like for the dress rehearsal.
Of the left hand drummer, said Saturday, IPL, at the right time because it is being held Twenty all 20 countries to help in preparations for the World Cup. This is an opportunity to practice all players deck chair position because every team has at least 14 matches. Kings of Punjab captain Yuvraj eleven Luxor 3 download Preity Zinta team owner with a program were present. Yuvraj said, like last year, will play eleven King. The team Augusta kamasutra masters then Twenty the 20 had a place in half of the tournament. He said, we the last eight years - ten matches [actually Chennai Super Kings in the semi before losing ten game in 14] has won. We will play the same this time too. Yuvraj Singh wallpaper 2465676
However, the Crown Prince of Kolkata coach John Buchanan knight Riders many masters separated himself from the theory. He said: "No comment. Any other team, I am not saying anything about it. The left hand in a drummer team refused to accept his main rival and said that the eight teams are very good. He said, his rival, a team, I can not say. Chennai Super Kings is not too many other teams are better. We talk on the field instead of this work.
Crown Prince, said the  South Africa fast bowlers of the speed of pitches will be sufficiently important for performance. Conditions masters prize money compared to the year will be different. Fast and fast bowling desk will be crucial, and their performance means a lot. Australian quick Brett Lee to launch 18 to 24 May, the team to give them services, but not the crown prince said, we have many options. We go there and see who will be the best balanced team. Preity Zinta said, the team of Australian fast pitcher Bert Kacle hopes. Kacle 140 km / he is the speed of the ball. We have many options.


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