India Wins Azlan Shah hockey cup 2009

Malaysia to host the 3-1 defeat of 13 years today, after a long interval of five countries Ajln won Shah Cup hockey tournament.
India's Arjun Hlppa (eighth), Prbjot Singh (20th) and Shivendra Singh (41st minute), while Malaysia has a target for the sole purpose Misron (11th minute), the fire. New Zealand front of the room - Off match 2-1 defeat to Pakistan at the third-place finish.India Wins Azlan Shah hocky cup 2009 tournament
Malaysia at the phase of the 3-0 defeat Rabin around the Indian team of 1995 was the last time he won.
The landing of the Indian team on the ground with his aggressive attitude was evident. Its use also, if Arjuna in the eighth minutes Aim fire. BDT of India could not last long. Misron in the 11th minute by a goal of equal score was 1-1.
Without being distracted by the Indians continued to attack and nine minutes later, another series of Prbjot gains made by India again.
Argentina in the finals last year at the hands of the Indian team lost 1-2 in the second session of the Malaysian defense to maintain the pressure. Shivendra other half from the center of the front in but six minutes after India made the lead 3-1.
The host team at the last minute tried to return, but, led by veteran Dilip TIRK Indian defense did not give him a chance. With this victory, India's record 3-0 win over Malaysia made. In 1985, the last time he beat the hosts have won the title.
It was important for Indian hockey victory: Ajln Shah Cup victory in charge of coaching the Indian team hockey Ahladit Hrendrasinh said today that his goal is to win the Asian Cup in May.
Hrendra said that Indian hockey is very important to win. It was proved that we are moving in the right direction.
It is our goal to win the Asian Cup, which will be next month. Winning the trust of players back so they can do well in tournaments.


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