How can Insert LIFE in broken Heart

I loved her more than life, he kept adding to your heart with me, but he refused. Today, it is not before my eyes, But it is very difficult for me to forget. Finally, it was happy when I only wanted the separation.
That voice was the voice of broken heart, which, in the name of love, betrayal and deceit is found. Everyone in the world, the love, but few have Sen.., who is in love with loyalty, which is to love rather than love.
Some people are such that he could not find the happiness they feel that their lives are of no use. It seems to be the life of life. Many young lovers cheating after eating or ruin your career or on suicide as the only way to end my life trying to watch. Some people remove stress Artistries pills also seem to eat is harmful to health.Hearts
This article written in keeping with the spirit of these young people who have been cheated in love after starting on the wrong path to go. View is not yet late. Your life can start again. But here, I want to give some advice from a broken heart can be life.

Invite positive thinking ...

This is not always believe that you love and have lost everything, but still believe in this love that you got through a lot. You learn a lot of love and happiness felt that through this relationship that we can reach. Not weaken as you should always keep in mind that you had something like what your Boy or Girl Friend deal was attracted by you.

Keep away from things related to love

Your love is very difficult to forget. We do not want to forget everything that affects him every moment, we are harassed and hurt our hearts provides life. Better than you love anything that relates to his letters, photographs and keep away from your gift. If you can not delete it, then no problem to keep in a small box to keep your eyes away from being tested. You will find it for you gently - gently of the old memory is in progress.


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