Heroes s03e23 " Chapter Ten '1961' "

Angela plunges in the past and reveals the secrets long kept. In addition, Mohinder discovers that his father was in an old episode of the previous government operation.in All roads lead to Coyote Sands. Or at least some of the ways our hero does not work. Although Mama Petrelli is organizing the family, including the mysterious local Mohinder gives guidance on the history of the old file, which his father belonged. At that time, Hiro and Ando problems when staging the attempt on his own family between Matt Parkman and his small son. And when Danko tried it and the nearby Parkman Cross, always one step ahead of HRG Sylar suspected death not on the outside and up. With the reminder!

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Telecast:13th April

Details Cast & Crew

  • Laura Marano as Young Alice

  • Michael Croner as Young Robert Bishop

  • Jon Donahue as Young Dr. Zimmerman

  • William Charlton as Cook

  • Ali Larter as Tracy Strauss

  • Diana Scarwid as Alice Shaw (uncredited)

  • Ginger Pauley as Mrs. Shaw (uncredited)

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Next Episode :Season 03, Ep 24: Chapter Eleven 'I Am Sylar'
Air : 20th April , 2009

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