Delhi Daredevils won over Kings XI Punjab by 10 wickets

IPL second match between Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Dare devils was not able to start because of rain. umpire decide to match start at 6:30 PM and over reduce from 20 overs to 12 overs. so we can now say that 12-12 instead of T20 .

but again rain became cruel and target reduced to 54 runs in just 6 over .

finally DD made winning run and made 58 runs in Just 4.5 overs . in this match Gautam Gambhir made 15 while Sehwag made 38 runs in  just 16 balls with 4 fours and 3 sixes.

while before that from Kings XI Punjab Karan Goel made highest total from his team as 38 runs in 21 balls with 3 fours and same six . here below there is photo highlights for you.

Preity Zinta gives Delhi Daredevils brand ambassador Akshay Kumar a hug Ravi Bopara wallops the ball down the ground


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