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One year complete since the Bollywood legend Mr.. Amitabh Bachhan Starts Blogging. Amitabh likes very much for writing a blog. many of bollywood actress and actors start blogging After that.
Many of people think from where Big-B get time for blogging. initially Amitabh have persons who write blog for him but he now always with his laptop and start blogging. Amitabh says about blogging that he are always busy in shooting and TV interview etc. but still he get enough time for writing the blog. he said by blogging he and his fan direct communicate with each other because there is no other any media and he can share his thought easily. remember Amitabh’s blog is most success full  blog ever in India from the all celebrity. Blogging is now a day absolutely free service provided by Blogger (Google),word Press, Big Adda (Reliance Anil Group),type pad etc. , so you people easily start blogging threw that service.
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Harivanshrai Bachahn fathe of Big B He always share in his blog the issues and thoughts that relates with his life. he recently start writing in Hindi also so that is the help full to those Indian People that not Under Stand English easily. in the front page of the blog there is always one poem or you can say Quotes made form his father Mr.. Harivansh Rai Bachhan.of course In Amit’s life there is big contribution of that legend poet man. he also the writer of the greatest book named “MADHUSUDAN”
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Latest Uapdate

Amitabh bachhcan worry about his Daughter in Law (Bahu) Aishwarya rai Chest infection

Big B latest wrote in his blog that he is very much worry about his daughter in law Aish’ s chest infectiom. main problem is that Amitabh is not with them .Aishwariya is currently in Singapore and she is ill due to chest infection. Amitabh added Aish is very mature but children is children. Aish is on the set of Maniratan’s next big Hindi movie(film) project named “Ravan” wich will be coming at the end of this year. Bachhan also think about his political friend and SamajWadi party leader Mr. Amar singh, he was also in Singapore due to Kidney surgery.

by reading this article of Amitabh’s, any one can say that though Amithabh is vey busy in his tight schedule of shooting, but always take care and think about whom are close to this legend.


  1. Hi Sir I m your Big fan..
    I seen ur every film atleast 40-50 times..
    plz come atleast once my home

  2. Hello Mr. Big b
    I m also one of the your biggest fan.
    I know that is not possible for you to giving individual answer but i only wanted to know that when you will start to write your blog in hindi version.
    thank you for give me your valuable time from your life.
    god may bless you and your helth.

  3. Ye you are the way on your father but according to me you still now get enough high compare to your father Mr. Harivanshrai Bachchan.he was the legend of the Indian poetry. Infect he is. you have long way still ahead on your life and you can handle it ., go Big B go.,

  4. Mr. Big B
    I only wanna know that what is secret of your health fitness.
    when i will rich at your age can i will work like you ?
    some time i thought i will be not in the world...
    share here your health fitness...

  5. hai i am ajit kumar singh from ranchi.


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