Attack on Thailand PM car Video

Government of Thailand in Bangkok on Sunday, an emergency is declared.

According to the news agency  a day before the events Delia opposition led to the arrest of a leader after this has been done. Protest demonstrations, a day before the ASEAN Summit had to cancel chad campbell.
The Prime Minister said the Government Atheist have taken this step so that instability does not increase amy lepard. That is why he said that the government has declared an emergency as soon as possible so that the normal can be restored. Organizer of anti-government, officials have arrested Arisen . 100 kilometers from Bangkok chad campbells wife  the ASEAN Summit in Pattaya barrier led to the crowd. The arrest of excited supporters Arisen the city to attack important government buildings in the capital, traffic came to a halt.
ASEAN conference to protest not prevent the local media on Sunday and his Democratic Party Abhisit much criticism of the government.


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